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The General Casket Collection 

General Caskets are quality products and a worthy statement of one’s love for the deceased.  The savings afforded by purchasing an online casket allows more room to attend to other expenses endured during this difficult time.  

Our collection consists of the most popular styles.  General Caskets are available in either a traditional or contemporary models. General Caskets are complemented with beautiful appointments.  General Caskets respectfully pay homage to a worthy man or woman.  

Our master craftsmen lovingly finish each casket in a high-gloss finish.  General Caskets feature premium reinforced bar handles and hardware throughout.  The interior is adorned with an elegant full shirr crepe or velvet upholstery.  Each General Casket is completed with an adjustable bed, upholstered pillow, concealed locking mechanism, an interior waterproof lining, memory record tube and rubber gasket.

General Casket Company Product Features:

  • Constructed of double sealed seams with continuous welded 18-gauge steel.  Finished with 3 coats of clear top coat.  
  • Soft to touch full shirr crepe or velvet upholstery interior
  • Reinforced hardware 
  • Concealed locking mechanism
  • Adjustable bed with matching pillow
  • Memory record cylinder
  • Waterproof lining
  • One piece rubber, double sealed gasket
  • Fits in a Standard 30” Vault

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